The Metropolitan Arts Partnership
The Metropolitan Arts Partnership

MAP - About Us

The mission of the Metropolitan Arts Partnership is to support arts education and outreach programs for children and youth in schools, performance venues and neighborhood centers, which are provided by our members agencies. Members of MAP are all certified non-profit arts organizations based in either El Dorado, Placer, Sacramento, Sutter, Yolo or Yuba Counties.

The Metropolitan Arts Partnership seeks funding support for our affiliated members through participation in public and private sector workplace giving programs. MAP administrative costs are funded by various benefactors and a 15% administrative fee assessed on all donations recieved.

Employees are encouraged to designate their contributions to benefit the organization of their choice. All donors who give to any affiliated member of MAP will receive a Passport to the Arts card which allows the bearer to attend six events at a reduced cost.

History of United Arts Funds & MAP - Engaging Children & Youth in the Arts

United arts fundraising began over thirty years ago in the east, mid-west and south with the creation of United Arts Funds. These United Arts Funds (or UAF's) sought out public and private contributions, through government contributions, business and foundation grants and individual contributions through employee workplace giving programs to invest in and support arts organizations within their respective communities. Although not common in the west, United Arts Funds have been extremely successful in developing the full potential of the arts and furthering community goals and objectives, as they relate to the arts in such communities as: Chattanooga, TN, Cincinnati, OH, Harrisburg, PA, Dayton, OH, Orlando, FL and Minneapolis, MN. In Chattanooga, TN, Allied Arts of Greater Chattanooga is one of the oldest untied arts funds in the nation and is ranked in the top ten per capital giving to a united arts fund in the United States. Allied Arts raises and distributes over $2,000,000 annually for the arts from a population base of only 300,000 residents.

Since 1996 the Metropolitan Arts Partnership has sought funding support for our affiliated members through participation in public and private sector workplace giving programs. In all these campaigns, employees have the ability to designate their contribution to the organization of their choice. It is our goal to participate in all six county workplace giving campaigns, along with various municipal and private sector workplace giving campaigns, again, allowing employees the ability to designate their contributions.

All affiliated members of MAP are certified non-profit arts groups. All our members have demonstrated a history of artistic excellence and an impressive record of educational outreach projects that benefit every member of our community. These agencies also adhere to strict professional accounting and administrative standards. Membership is free and open to any arts or cultural non-profit organization that meets the standards set by State and Federal guidelines and that has at least one year of experience in community arts education programming.

The Metropolitan Arts Partnership participates in the following workplace-giving campaigns:

Private Sector:

  • GenCorp & Aerojet

Public Sector:

  • California State Employees Charitable Campaign
  • City of Sacramento
  • Combined Federal Campaign
  • County of El Dorado
  • County of Placer
  • County of Sacramento
  • Sacramento Municipal Utility District
If your workplace does does not sponsor a workplace-giving campaign and you wish to contribute to either the Metropolitan Arts Partnership, or any one of our affiliated members, you may do so my sending a check to:

Metropolitan Arts Partnership
1911 18th Street, Sacramento, CA 95811
(916) 442-4016


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